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We believe education transforms lives. Because of this belief, we're able to supply funding for your post-secondary journey. If you wish to achieve your academic goals, we've got your back. We invite you to review the information below and start your funding application today. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Begin Today

"The secret to getting ahead, is to get started." - Mark Twain

Complete your Post-Secondary Education Funding Application Form Online

Click the link to be redirected to our Online Application Form.


Once complete, select "Submit" and a copy will be automatically sent to Christian Augustine who is our Post-Secondary Education Director.

You can also download a copy of your completed application for your own records. On the "Thank You" screen, you can select "Download PDF".

Post-Secondary: Online Applicaton

Printable Post-Secondary Education Funding Application Form

Click the link below to view a printable version of the application form. Once you have completed your application form, you can then proceed to either:


  • Deliver your completed application form to the Elsipogtog Education Building in person.

Post-Secondary: Printable Application

Here's a paraphrased story from an individual with the online handle "hereticjones" that illustrates the point of education.

A frustrated student in class exclaimed loudly, "Why do I need to learn this?!  I'll never use this, so it's completely irrelevant to the rest of my life!"

The professor patiently waited for the outburst to end, then calmly said something that shocked the entire class: "You're right." 


Fascinated by the response, the student and the class were speechless and stared at the professor in disbelief.


The professor then took a deep breath, faced the class, and continued, "You don't need to learn history, chemistry or calculus. All things considered you're never going to use specific facts and figures. You might, depending on where you go career-wise, but that's irrelevent.


"You see, you're not planning for the rest of your life right now. What we're trying to do here is not teach you knowledge you might need someday. What we are trying to do is sharpen your mind.

"You don't learn these things for the sake of the facts, the facts will exist with or without you. You are irrelevant to the facts. History and mathematics and science all exist independent of your knowledge or ignorance. Much like you don't sharpen a blade for the sake of the stone, you don't study for the sake of the information; you sharpen the blade so it is an effective tool. Likewise, you sharpen your mind so it can cut through any problem you may encounter in life.


"If you approach education from the point of view that what you're really learning isn't what to think, but how to think, you will be preparing yourself for anything life throws your way."

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